Americanism essay contest american legion

It is indistinct from domestic partisan concerns. Help with community observance of patriotic holidays. We need to protect that and be respectful of our country for that. Five-Point Program Active Americanism in the home; active Americanism in the Unit; active Americanism in youth groups; active Americanism in adult groups; and active Americanism in our community.

Pages onwards document George Bush's controversial War on Terrorism and show how Bush stoked his house with conservative Republicans of like-minded views and how these people carried their partisan politics into everything including their fight against terrorism.

“Americanism” Essay Contest Open for Students

The scholarship will be awarded on the following categories: Hoisting and Lowering of the Flag: Did you know that our freedom here is so free that in some countries like Iraq they cannot talk about God in public. Distribute flag etiquette brochures.

Other topics to be covered are retention and revitalization, and renewal. To formulate, recommend and implement adopted policies and procedures for the promotion and administration of the Sons of the American Legion program within the Department; to supervise and give guidance to the necessary administrative operations of the Americanism essay contest american legion and its officers.

After the Pledge of Allegiance and other meeting traditions, each of the five students was called forward to read their essay and receive enthusiastic applause and a monetary gift.

Anyone can learn about rights if they want to be a future guardian. A few of the famous guardians that U. The flag should never be: In addition, the course covers the criteria and procedure for entrance into the VA Health Care System and services they provide.

Flag etiquette was established to honor and pay tribute to our nation and its history. Watch for subversive group activities and report to proper authorities. Encourage your youth to enter the contests that are sponsored by the American Legion and the Auxiliary such as the Oratorical and Americanism Essays.

They will be provided with sufficient information including brochures, and other hand-outs. When a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed twenty-four hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.

Carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free. I am also able to show respect by standing and focusing on the most valued symbol of our great country during the morning announcements as we say the Pledge of Allegiance. Adult Groups Sponsor citizenship classes and present flag codes, American Creed, and small American flags to new citizens.

We can choose to be Catholic or non-catholic so people can love God if we want to. The essays were a combination of facts and feelings, and, for some, an awakening to family contributions by the military service of a father, grandfather or great-grandfather.

Another way to actively participate in promoting Americanism is to organize a fund raiser for the Wounded Warrior Project or another non-profit benefiting our veterans. Keep our rights and freedom. Even though the world went at war 2 times the world forgets about it or they have a peace meeting to resolve the problems.

The government there tells them what religion they have to be. Be tolerant in thought and deeds towards others. Be the best ambassador of Americanism that you can be. Present flags to schools. She wrote about the U. Oker took first and her essay was entered at the division level.

When lowered, the flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water or merchandise.

Ray LockettThom Guthrie 17 Members: This course is suggested for any member interested in becoming a bar or canteen chairman at their Post home and for those interested in learning the proper protocol for having Games of Chance at your Post Homes 2.

Rules come with rights you have to follow the rules in order to have rights. We also want to show them that we are thankful for that because I know they would appreciate that. We also have the freedom to shoot guns. Americanism This Committee seeks to inspire love of country and good citizenship through patriotic observances, flag etiquette, civic instruction in schools, the Americanization of immigrants, community service, and youth activities such as Boys State, Boy Scouts, Oratorical Contest, School Award Medals and American Legion.

Purpose- To supervise and coordinate Department Americanism programs and activities; promote understanding and appreciation of American Government and activities in the American way of life through youth activities, community service, instruction of prospective citizens and immigrants, education and educational facilities; and to.

Increase participation in the Americanism Essay Contest. This year’s theme is “How can we address and prevent veteran homelessness in our community?” Participate in the promotion of American Legion Americanism programs.

IDEAS: Member. Support American Legion Baseball. Help, work, donate or find donors. Support the Oratorical Contest. 'The Essay Contest Subject and Title is: The American Legion - Department of Illinois, American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion are co-sponsors of this AMERICANISM ESSAY CONTEST It's purpose is to aid the schools of Illinois in the teaching of AMERICANISM and GOOD CITIZENSHIP.

THREE CLASSES The contest is divided into the following three classes.

Americanism Essays (Examples)

According to the American Legion, a U.S. veterans' organization, Americanism is an ideology, or belief in devotion, loyalty, or allegiance to the United States of America, or to its flag, traditions, customs, culture, symbols, institutions, or form of government.

Contest is open to th grade students. Student will write an essay no more than words on the subject of "What National Monument Means the Most To Me?". Competition will be on a Post, Unit or Squadron level and continue on to the Auxiliary District and Division level.

Americanism essay contest american legion
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